Daisy’s Italian Ice & Gelati

 Flavor It, Layer It, Savor It

Italian Ice is a smooth, refreshingly icy treat handcrafted locally with fresh fruit, fruit purees, natural and artificial sweeteners and purified water. This ain’t your Grandma’s snowcone or another traditional ice cream cone. Italian Ice is homemade with the same process used to make ice cream where the ingredients are mixed and frozen at the same time, creating a blended, fruity flavor without any dairy or egg additions. You’ve gotta try it to believe it! It’s not just flavor poured on ice, it’s fruity freshness frozen and blended to a smooth ice cream consistency to create an explosion of mouth watering flavor in every bite! This dairy free and gluten free icy cold dessert is Idaho’s best frozen treat. We can’t adequately put it into words – you must come sample it for yourself! We guarantee it will be a new experience for your taste buds, a unique frozen adventure.

Fresh fruit gelati's
Fresh fruit gelati’s

 For another new experience in flavor bliss, order a Gelati. Not the traditional Italian style Gelato, this East Coast version layers ice cream with Italian ice rather than blending it, creating a creamy, fruity taste that will make your mouth happy. Each bite creates a unique explosion of flavor. Come enjoy a taste of icy summer happiness.

Flavor It, Layer It, Savor It
Flavor It Choose your favorite fruity Italian Ice flavor including common favorites such as strawberry, black cherry, blue raspberry, watermelon, mango; East Coast traditional lemon “water-ice;” fun flavors that will take you back to childhood: orange creamsicle, bubble gum, and cotton candy; and new flavors created throughout the season.
Layer It Choose sweet, icy, fruity Italian Ice on its own or add creamy layers of ice cream for a creamy Gelati
Savor It Choose your size and sit back to enjoy every last bite